Global Biodiversity Framework Adopted at COP15: Relevant Support for Nature-Based Infrastructure

The 15th Conference of Parties on Biodiversity occurred from December 7th – 19th in Montreal, Canada in the hopes of protecting biodiversity and halting nature loss. A Global Biodiversity Framework was adopted titled the Kunming-Montreal Global biodiversity framework. It is an exciting development in the global efforts to protect biodiversity and nature and points clearly to supporting nature-based and natural infrastructure as a component of the solution.

The targets that refer directly to nature-based solutions are:

Minimize the impact of climate change and ocean acidification on biodiversity and increase its resilience
through mitigation, adaptation, and disaster risk reduction actions, including through nature-based solution
and/or ecosystem-based approaches, while minimizing negative and fostering positive impacts of climate
action on biodiversity.

Restore, maintain and enhance nature’s contributions to people, including ecosystem functions and services,
such as regulation of air, water, and climate, soil health, pollination and reduction of disease risk, as well
as protection from natural hazards and disasters, through nature-based solutions and/or ecosystem-based
approaches for the benefit of all people and nature.

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