The TNFD framework seeks to provide recommendations and guidance on nature-related risks and opportunities relevant to a wide range of market participants, including investors, analysts, corporate executives and boards, regulators, stock exchanges and accounting firms.

The framework is being developed following the TNFD principles to be market usable, science-based, purpose driven, integrated and adaptive, globally inclusive, and embracing a full approach to nature-related risks and employing an integrated approach to climate- and nature-related risks.

The first beta version of the TNFD framework includes three core components:


  • An outline of fundamental concepts and definitions for understanding nature that the TNFD recommends market participants use when assessing and disclosing their nature-related risks and opportunities.


  • TNFD’s draft disclosure recommendations for nature-related risks and opportunities; and


  • Guidance for corporates and financial institutions to undertake nature-related risk and opportunity assessment and incorporate into their enterprise strategy and risk management processes to inform a range of corporate and capital allocation decisions, including those relating to reporting and disclosure.

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