“An engaging, activity-based course that provides you with all the information you need to design your own rain garden.

The RAIN Garden Master Class is a certification for home gardeners and landscape professionals who want to learn more about rain garden design, installation, and maintenance. Links to online workshops and assignments can be viewed and completed according to your own personal schedule.

Six training modules covering topics such as:

  • Basic Hydrology
  • How to identify property-level stormwater sources and pathways
  • How to direct and manage stormwater into the landscape
  • Soil infiltration testing
  • Introduction to Rain Gardens
  • Rain Garden Sizing and Placement
  • Choosing Appropriate Rain Garden Plants

You will receive ongoing support from classmates, master gardeners, and landscape designers as you design your own rain garden.

Participants also have the option to purchase a physical copy of Rusty Schmidt’s Blue Thumb Guide to Rain Gardens to support their learning.

 Participants will receive formal certification upon completion of their rain garden.”

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