From the Municipal Natural Assets Initiative : “The final report is now available giving insights on natural infrastructure (NI) from participants attending the 2022 Atlantic Planners Institute Conference in Charlottetown, PEI. Participants shared experiences and opinions on the planning and implementation of NI and natural assets management (NAM). Jointly supported by the Resilience by Design Lab at Royal Roads University and the Municipal Natural Assets Initiative (MNAI), the workshop included presentations by Adam Cheeseman (Nature NB) Adrian Prado (CSRNO) and Matt Delorme (AIM Network). As climate change concerns shift professional practice, severe weather events such as post-tropical storm Fiona demonstrated the need to work with the power of nature when addressing ageing infrastructure. Insights focused on starting points for immediate action, leverage points to change professional norms, and partnership opportunities that build collaboration. Read the full report on the MNAI website”

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