Virtual Workshop: Virtual Workshop on Green Infrastructure Approaches for Stormwater Management-Case Studies from Municipalities and Homeowners

Presentation 1: Case Study of the Berry Brook Watershed Green Infrastructure Approaches, New Hampshire
(Jolyne Hebert, Shediac Bay Watershed Association)

Presentation 2: Techniques for creating Rain Gardens (Brittany Cormier, Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance)

Breakout Room 1: Overcoming & Communicating Financial Barriers of Green Infrastructure
Projects in Smaller
Municipalities (Jamie Burke, Town of Sackville & Julie Cormier, Vision H2O)

Breakout Room 2: Site Analysis and Preparation for Green Infrastructure Projects (Brittany
Cormier, Petitcodiac
Watershed Alliance)

Breakout Room 3: Green Infrastructure and Homeowners (Jolyne Hebert, Shediac Bay Watershed
Association & Helen Wedge, Homeowner)

Breakout Room 4: Regulations and Communications involved in Municipal Green Infrastructure
Projects (Serge Dupuis, UdeM & Serge LaRochelle, Pays de Cocagne Sustainable Development Group)