Practical Advice on Green Infrastructure for the 21st Century

This presentation will look at various successful programs and standards for green infrastructure (GI) across Canada and explore what makes GI guidance successful and usable. Targets, drivers, and barriers will be discussed in the context of Moncton and through a review of three successful programs from Metro Vancouver, Edmonton, and Kitchener. Practical advice on creating guidelines, design, and construction of GI will be provided throughout the presentation.

About Jennifer Young:
Jennifer is a water resources engineer specializing in low impact development (LID), green infrastructure (GI), and integrated stormwater management planning. She mainly works on-site and in community developments implementing innovative stormwater management strategies, always recognizing that stormwater is not a waste product but a valuable resource.
With over 15 years of experience in LID and GI, Jennifer has applied her expertise in drafting bylaws, standards, specifications, and typical drawings for stormwater green infrastructure. She’s also been involved in the development of city-wide LID and GI programs and stormwater utility programs across Canada.
Jennifer has a deep familiarity with stormwater and the environment. She understands that the two cannot be separated from each other. Her role in improving watershed health helps clients integrate nature and development to create better communities.