Webinar – Making Room for Wetlands

Online (see description to register)

As a follow-up from their popular Making Room for Wetlands webinar last year, TransCoastal Adaptations Centre for Nature-based Solutions would like to invite you to “Making Room for Wetlands: In Review.” This webinar will feature four talks about the Making Room for Wetlands project, as described below.

Implementing Tidal Wetland Restoration through Managed Dyke Realignment 

 Tony Bowron 

Geomorphic Evolution of a Tidal Wetland Landscape 

 Danika van Proosdij and Samantha Lewis 

Vegetation Recovery after Tidal Restoration: The Role of Antecedent Site Conditions and Planting 

 Jennie Graham 

 Sediment Contributions:  Importance in Restoring Tidal Wetlands 

 Jeremy Lundholm


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